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Over 25 Years Of Experience

Practicing dentistry since 1990 and General Dentist orthodontics since 2007, Dr. Azarko provides Invisalign® treatment for his patients while referring general dental care to our team of Azarko Dental doctors. Dr. Azarko is dedicated to the knowledge base of how to use Invisalign® in an efficient and appropriate manner. It is always important to ask your doctor how many Invisalign® cases he or she has treated successfully.

Patient Driven, Goal Oriented

For your Invisalign® treatment, come to Clear Smile Dental. We provide not only Invisalign® product systems, but a patient-driven, goal-oriented process.

Realistic Goals

We will talk to you about realistic treatment expectations and present treatment options that are in line with Invisalign®.

Other options

Your treatment may be better addressed by different orthodontic options, such as braces. We offer many of these options, but if your treatment needs go beyond what we can provide, we will refer you to a specialist in that area.

Backup plans

If your Invisalign® treatment does not progress as planned, we can provide alternative options such as finishing with braces or retainers.

For a progressive and realistic approach to Invisalign® treatment, give us a call.

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