ClinCheck Software Creates 3D Imaging of Your Teeth

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What Is ClinCheck?

Following our Clear Smile digital scan of your teeth, Invisalign® inputs this data into software to replicate your teeth precisely on a computer platform instead of traditional plaster casts. Dr. Azarko then utilizes these data files to develop a computer simulation of the precise movements of your teeth from their initial to final positions. This is known as ClinCheck.

How Does ClinCheck Work?

Specific movements of each tooth, in all dimensions, are analyzed and modified extensively until a final ClinCheck is developed. With difficult cases, it is not unusual for Dr. Azarko to develop 10 or more ClinChecks, evaluating multiple different scenarios. Dr. Azarko then chooses the most realistic, efficient and predictable ClinCheck plan and the aligners are then fabricated based upon on this computer model. 

Types Of Treatment

ClinCheck programming, as developed by Dr. Azarko, is utilized to develop a precise treatment plan to move teeth from initial to final positions.


Smile Enhancement


Teeth Tucked Behind

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