Summary of Your Treatment Sequence & Appointments

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No Obligation Consultation

Preliminary No Obligation Consultation and photos. Cost of treatment, approximate time frame and insurance/payment plan information are provided. Scan appointment is scheduled at your request. 


Digital Scan

Digital scan is completed (7-15 minutes). Your aligner delivery/start of treatment appointment is scheduled for 3 weeks later. During this time, your ClinCheck plan is developed and customized by Dr. Azarko and the aligners are fabricated and shipped. 


Treatment Plan

Dr. Azarko goes over your ClinCheck plan and explains your treatment in detail. Invisalign® attachments are bonded (there is little or no discomfort) and the first 2 months of aligners are delivered. You will change your aligners at home every 2 weeks. In some instances, Dr. Azarko will place you on an accelerated 7 day change-over schedule. 


Re-care Appointments

Your re-care appointments are approximately every 2 months. At each appointment, Dr. Azarko evaluates your progress, dispenses the next 2 months of aligners and makes auxiliary treatment recommendations as necessary. These appointments are usually very brief, only lasting a few minutes. Facial Rejuvenation procedures can be scheduled for any of your re-care appointments.


Removal of Attachments

Following alignment of your teeth (on average 10-14 months), your attachments are removed and first set of included Vivera retainers are dispensed. You will also be entitled to our home bleaching system as part of your newly aligned smile.


Follow Up & Retainer Replacement

Every 2 years thereafter, your Vivera retainers will need to be replaced. No new scan or treatment appointment is required and you can easily re-order via email or telephone. Future Vivera retainers are not included in your initial cost.

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