Dr. Azarko Uses 3D Digital Scans to Capture Your Teeth and Bite

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3D Imaging With Your Edmonton Dentist

Clear Smile Dental, in Edmonton, aims to help you make the most out of your teeth. Invisalign® is an innovative and nearly invisible way for you to give yourself the teeth you have always dreamed of. When you complete your Invisalign® appointment, we will use iTero technology to make a 3D digital scan of your teeth, which means that you can say goodbye to dental impressions. Instead of your dentist using messy dental impression material, Clear Smile Dental scans your teeth while you relax in the chair!

Why Use iTero Technology?

The use of iTero technology enables Dr. Azarko to more efficiently and accurately prepare your Invisalign® mold, make adjustments in real time, and show you what the end result will look like so that you can more fully understand what will be done. These 3D digital scans mean that if a section of your bite is missed by the scan, a re-scan can be very easily completed before you leave our office.

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