Invisalign® Videos Show How Your New Smile Will Take Shape

Invisalign® Videos Show How Your New Smile Will Take Shape

Did you know it was possible to see a video of your teeth shifting and moving into their desired alignment during orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® braces? Yes, it's true, and it's all part of the standard Invisalign® treatment process offered at the Edmonton dental clinic of Clear Smile Dental. Our 3D imaging software known as ClinCheck allows patients to see the end results of their treatment plans before they even begin. Best of all, it completely does away with the need to use messy plaster casts.

Here are some examples of the amazing videos that Dr. Azarko is able to develop using ClinCheck programming. If you choose Invisalign® braces for yourself, you will also be provided with your own treatment plan and video.

How It Works 

These incredible videos that allow you to see how your teeth can shift and move into their desired final positions are made possible with the use of 3D digital imaging technology. At Clear Smile Dental, we use an iTero intraoral scanner to take quick scans of our patient's teeth.

Patients who visit our Edmonton dental clinic can simply sit back and relax for a few minutes while the scans are being taken, as there is no need for us to take any physical dental impressions. On top of being more comfortable than dental impressions, 3D digital scans are also more accurate. They are able to capture minute irregularities in the teeth, which allows for the creation of perfectly fitted Invisalign® braces.

Dr. Azarko then inputs the data from the accurate scans produced by the iTero scanner into the ClinCheck software. ClinCheck takes the data and transforms it into a series of 3D images of your teeth. The images not only show your teeth as they are, but they can also be manipulated in real time. By manipulating the images, Dr. Azarko is able to simulate how your teeth would shift into alignment over the course of your Invisalign® treatment.

Best of all, the resulting video means that you can then view your own treatment plan ahead of time. Knowing what your teeth will look like when treatment is finished can be highly motivating, encouraging you to stick to your treatment goals and to wear your Invisalign® braces as directed. Once treatment starts, ClinCheck also allows for any necessary adjustments needed along the way.

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Getting started on treatment with Invisalign® braces at Clear Smile Dental couldn't be easier. We offer no-obligation consultations so that you have nothing to lose by visiting our Edmonton dental clinic and seeing if Invisalign® braces are right for you. During your appointment, we will explain how Invisalign® works and go over all of your payment options. We will also take a series of diagnostic photos which Dr. Azarko will then use to assess your unique treatment needs.

If you're eager to see what Clear Smile Dental and Invisalign® can do for you, then don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with our Edmonton dental clinic today.

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