Why Are Do-It-Yourself Braces Trending in Edmonton?

Why Are Do-It-Yourself Braces Trending in Edmonton?

An alarming online trend has seen many people in the Edmonton area express an interest in "do-it-yourself braces." If you've heard of this trend and are considering it as an option, then Clear Smile Dental is here to let you know about the possible health issues and long-term problems that DIY braces can cause. At our Edmonton dental clinic, we always strive to give our patients accurate information when it comes to oral health.

While DIY projects are very popular on the internet right now, straightening your teeth is not something you should ever attempt yourself. Nevertheless, many online video tutorials posted to YouTube are claiming that you can get a straight smile on the cheap by using items you can find around your home.

Many of these videos feature young girls showcasing their homemade braces, which are typically made out of items such as rubber bands, paper clips, strings, earrings, and other such materials. These videos promise that you can straighten your smile and close gaps between your teeth, and they are being watched by people in the Edmonton, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, and St. Albert areas.

The problem is that using DIY methods to straighten your teeth can cause very real and very lasting harm to your dental and oral health. Many people don't understand the risks involved, which can include gum disease, infection, bone loss, and potentially even tooth loss.

Using elastic bands in an attempt to straighten the teeth is particularly problematic, as the elastic can begin to creep up the tooth root and destroy the surrounding tissue. Additionally, people who set out to use these DIY methods to close one gap in their teeth may actually end up creating more gaps, as well as an imbalance to their bite.

Ultimately, choosing DIY methods to straighten your teeth can cause significant damage that can only be fixed by complex dentistry procedures. Patients who choose the DIY route in order to save money could have saved more time and money by visiting an Edmonton dental clinic in the first place.

At Clear Smile Dental, we understand that people are looking for quick and effective ways to straighten their smile, which is why we offer orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® braces. Invisalign® is a safe and effective way of straightening your teeth that won't put your dental and oral health at risk in the process. It utilizes a series of clear aligners that bring the teeth into alignment quickly and discreetly.

Rather than take the risk with DIY braces, why not schedule a no-obligation consultation with Clear Smile Dental for Invisalign® braces? All you have to do is visit our Edmonton dental clinic and we'll explain all about how Invisalign® can help you get the smile you've always wanted. We welcome patients from all over the greater Edmonton area, including Spruce Grove, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, and St. Albert.

For more information on Invisalign® braces or on the risks associated with DIY braces, don't hesitate to contact the Edmonton dental clinic of Clear Smile Dental today.

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