Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign®?

Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign®?

Invisalign® braces provide a quick and discreet way to straighten your teeth. They are an excellent orthodontic treatment option for older teens and adults looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces. At Clear Smile Dental, a south Edmonton dental clinic, our Invisalign® treatment plans can be designed not only to straighten your teeth but to whiten your teeth as well.

With our align and whiten treatment plan, you won't have to wait for your Invisalign® treatment to finish before you start the whitening process. Whitening with Invisalign® is seamless, comfortable, and won't interrupt your teeth straightening treatment at all.

How Teeth Whitening with Invisalign® Works 

First, it's important to understand a bit about how Invisalign® braces work. Invisalign® treatment consists of a series of custom-made trays that slowly move your teeth into alignment. Each tray is worn for one to two weeks at a time and is pre-set into a slightly straighter alignment which gently encourages the teeth to move. The trays are created using advanced digital scanning technology, making them as exact as possible. 

If you would like to whiten your teeth while wearing Invisalign®, then you will be provided with a whitening gel to apply to the inside of your Invisalign® braces. When you wear the braces, the whitening gel will make contact with the surface of your teeth and work on removing any stains. Depending on the level of staining, you could begin to see noticeable results in as little as one to three days.

While Invisalign® braces weren't initially intended to whiten teeth, you wouldn't be able to find better whitening trays anywhere else. The trick to getting a nice and even teeth whitening is to keep the bleaching agent as close to all of the surfaces of the teeth as possible. Invisalign® trays are precisely contoured to your unique bite, ensuring that the whitening gel makes even and close contact with your teeth. They also keep the gel in place for as long as desired.

The best part of whitening your teeth with Invisalign® braces is that you can continue using your customized aligner trays to whiten your teeth for many years to come, even after your teeth straightening treatment is complete. You'll be able to purchase additional bleaching refills to put in the aligner trays from our south Edmonton dental clinic.

Invisalign® Treatments in Edmonton

Looking for Invisalign® treatments in Edmonton? All you have to do to begin is visit the Edmonton dental clinic of Clear Smile Dental for an Invisalign® consultation. If you decide that at-home whitening with Invisalign® is right for you, then we will discuss your Invisalign® treatment plan and include teeth whitening into your treatment plan as well. We'll talk you through the entire process of whitening and straightening your teeth and answer any questions that you might have.

To schedule your Invisalign® and teeth whitening consultation, contact Clear Smile Dental at our Edmonton dental clinic today.

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