Digital Smiles: Invisalign® Treatment with 3D Digital Imaging

Digital Smiles: Invisalign® Treatment with 3D Digital Imaging

Invisalign® is a precise method of straightening the teeth that often achieves the desired results. At the West Edmonton dental clinic of Clear Smile Dental, we use 3D digital imaging to provide our patients with accurate and effective Invisalign® treatment plans.

How Does 3D Digital Imaging Work? 

At the Clear Smile Dental south Edmonton dental clinic, we have two important pieces of technology which allow us to take 3D digital scans of our patients' teeth. The first is an iTero intraoral scanner. This device allows us to take quick and highly accurate scans which are then displayed in a 3D imaging software known as ClinCheck. ClinCheck allows us to view and manipulate the 3D images in real time, making it possible to simulate the movement of your teeth as Invisalign® treatment progresses.

The scans also make it possible to create the series of pre-set Invisalign® braces that will slowly be moving your teeth into alignment without having to take dental impressions. You will need to wear each tray for about one to two weeks at a time. The number of trays that you need to wear in order for your teeth to reach the desired alignment will determine the length of your treatment.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Digital Scans? 

The main benefit of 3D digital scans is that they do away with the need to take physical dental impressions. The process of taking digital scans is also more comfortable for the patient, who simply has to sit back and relax while the quick, high-precision scans are being done. Thanks to iTero technology, the dentists at Clear Smile Dental no longer have to use messy dental impression material.

ClinCheck software makes it possible for patients to view their treatment plan every step of the way before they even get started. Being able to see the direct effects of Invisalign® treatment can motivate patients and help them stick to the treatment plan. Dentists can also make revisions and adjustments as needed. This makes it possible to create a truly personalized treatment plan suited to all of your unique needs.

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At Clear Smile Dental, we provide no-obligation consultations where we explain the process behind how Invisalign® braces are made, how they work, and how they can transform your smile. With the help of our 3D imaging software, you'll get the chance to view your treatment plan and see exactly how your final results will look. If you do choose to begin Invisalign® treatment, you'll be able to do so with confidence.

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